Sunday, June 18, 2006

Football Fever

Thats it! I caught the virus too. Cant blame me since its pandemic! Boss, Reena and I are on strike. Tomorrow is Surgery exam but at least I have the notes in hand! Reena didnt touch her notes at all. Shes helluva bravelah :P

Damn nice weekend. Watching football the whole day at home for eg. Brazil vs Australia 2:0 , Japan vs Croatia 0:0, France vs South Korea 1:1

These are some lines which show differences of a guy watching and 2 girls watching

Boss - Aiyahh.. offside.
Reena - Ehhh, what is this! Pegang, pegang all. Damn useless
Me - I dont like his jersey. So 80s (referring to South Korea's)
Reena - The Iranians cant even stay for the whole thing?? This is very sad
Me - Ooohhh.. Hello.. (when camera focuses a hot player)
Reena - Ooohh.. HELLO! (when camera focuses a hotter player)
Boss - Come on. Shoot!
Reena - Look at your friend!! Pass it to your friend!! Use some brains!!
Me - Long legs got more benefitlerr.. look, look! Aiyaahhh!!
Reena - Hes cutelah, fuck.
Me - Hmmm do you want my number? (Aussie's Emerton is damn on!)
Reena - The collar is sooo nice!! But I cant wear. I will look like going to Thaipusam (referring to Brazil's bright yellow jersey)
Me - Hahahahahaaha *sudden outburst for no reason*
Boss - They are not very organised.

Then Reena and I go on and on till the match ends. According to Boss, the guys talk about tactics, predictions, somewhat topics that revolve around football. Girls OBVIOUSLY have more to talk about LOL

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