Wednesday, June 14, 2006

FIFA 2006

Germany is the host for World Cup 2006. I watched Brasil vs Croatia last night and a while ago I followed first half of Tunisia vs Saudi Arabia. I am a so-so football enthusiast but strong teams who cause life and death do catch my attention LOL

I dont drool over any footballers who are known as hearthrobs but I do yell over TV, if I think they are adorable :P Folks in Kahovskaya hostel are placing bets and Ajet has been persuading me. I tell you ahhh, these monkeys. Tomorrow I have Obstetrics at 1pm. Word is, my group and Group 2 will have MCQs and no oral examination. Dunnolahhh. Do or die right, just get it over with!

So whats new?

Ahh yes, an interesting find over Friendster. Yesterday I noticed that Gita posted new pics. I viewed them and guess what, Jaya visited her in Scotland. Hummphh. I felt a bit em song to see her face. Better yet, she has an account too. So I clicked on hers. She looks happy with her friends, those I met on her "surprise" birthday party. I was sure surprised how she treated me *frowns*

Maybe I AM bitter that our friendship ended. I miss her but what happened between us, it was uncalled for. I blame her for it. She never took any effort to keep in touch with me. She wants to leave her old days behind, let herlahh. As long as she is happy. Come to think of it, her SSM days were full of tears. Dunnolah. Shes got her own life now. Tharshini. The best friend I had was called Jay..

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