Monday, June 05, 2006

Core Digger

Therapy is over! Although not with much glory. I got Dr. Konstantin Konstantinovich who asked me so many questions :( We all got 3 patients' cases to which I diagnosed not to say too accurately. He didnt cut me some slack either, gave me attitute but oh well. Over and done with so that adds another *strike* on my calendar!

Damn it! Cardiovascular disease are so not in my league!

Anyways. Today is so freaking hot till its not funny. I met Wishnu, Jason, Reena and Farid at their billiard den after exam. Of course my face was sour like fuck. Wishnu was very sweet. Gave me the cue and directed me where to hit. I was surprised, in a row, 3 striped balls went in LOL We left for TGI Friday's for lunch. Reena wanted to kupeh but I wasnt really in the mood. Just wanted my brownies (been craving for a few days) but Business Lunch got me so bloated, I could only settle for Oreo Madness *very the yums*

Most people are asking about "When you going back?" and "What you gonna do back home?". I read on Sha's BLOG that she might be back only at the end of July. I think our ZOUK nights are gonna be limited. This holidays, I dont want really wanna get posted because its my last summer as a free student. I want to spend more time in Penang with Moy Yee and Mamma, not just visit for few hours. Ohh plus if the plans are on, I will leave Malaysia in mid-August so that I can meet Khalid. Miss him so much! :)

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