Friday, June 09, 2006


Oooh yeahh Neurology went very well considering MCQs and cases were in full Russian! I got a 4 from the nice lady lecturer. Today's exam was something else. Damn big scale meaning with nearly 10 examiners (top notch professors with more than half only speak Russian)

My cases were simple. At least what I studied appeared LOL First case the patient has UMN, central lesion with hemiparesis. Second case, thank god I asked Reena for help. If I had handed upfront with Meningitis for answer instead of Hemorrhagic stroke --> game over!

Got some friends who didnt get the mark they hoped for. Reena answered to the tough ass old man flawlessly, in Russian yet he couldnt bring himself to giving her 5. Well. Thats Russian examination for us! One word- unfair. Need damn a lot of luck to sit for one and I had adequate today *wink* I aimed for a pass, see see got 4. Thats what I call a BONUS!!

We have 6 days break before Obstetrics exam. Wooohooo!! I might wanna get some matrioshka from Ismailovskii Park either during the weekend of next week. Seelah. Weather is chilly again. That place is upnorth and open-air. Even colder. Hmmm I smell home soon!! :)

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