Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Circus Show

We finally could continue watching the heart-grasping series 24! But I had to leave the house halfway to catch circus with my groupmates :P

Daddy brought us all once to The Royal London Circus when I was very young. So today I pretty much relived my childhood. The human acrobats were impressive. The swinging ones in the air were so-so. The show by animals were my favourite!! Their posters were rather misleading because it looked as if they have 4 albino wolves. My guess is that theyre just white Spitz LOL

The Russian Circus has about 60 performers. The women didnt do much, except danced and posed while the men performed. They had 2 medium-sized elephants which were really well-trained! They were very clean, the horses too! Very shiny hair and I bet Khalid would have adored them. Oohh speaking of Khalid. We have been exchanging e-mail regularly. His last email gave me a slight drift of the trip we, basically I was planning on. Sighhh. Made me think twice about cutting my hols short to see him in Bristol.

Hwong and Zhao Ing are back together. Hmmm Zhao Ing did her hair again and I must say that its very nice. She has streaks of reddish/orangeish! Haiyaaa. Maybe I will dye my hair red again hehehee

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