Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bad Luck

I passed my Obstetrics today in the afternoon. I wouldnt really say I want to complain about having opportunities to do better. It was zilch. We had only 2 variants of MCQ to which I couldnt even check with the others. That exam invigilators were eyeing on me only!

Nevertheless, its over and done with (seems to be my motto for this year's finals)

My group and I went to Vasilenko Hospital to snap a picture with Dr.Drapkina@ ex-Internal Disease teacher. She was strict and I felt she never liked me. After a short chitchat we detoured to TopoAnatomy Department for Prof.Nikolai LOL The man who instilled fear and insomnia in me. I closed my eyes and all I could see what a formalin-soaked body. Sentimental students we are huhh. Fucklah half the time I dont even get copies of the pics. (I added these pictures on 9 June 2007, got them like 1/2year ago)

I came home while they continued their stroll to the Dean's office for some letters, then dinner at The Mirage. Everyone's in holiday mood, yakking about World Cup too. I watched the match England vs Trinidad&Tobago. England won 2:0. Pretty much expected right?

Oohhh I bumped into Paul in the Metro. That fella was going to buy souvenirs with his friends and one of them was Suren. Yes. Suren as in Kevin's cousin. Hes a bitchlah. I thought we rekindled our connection during Hari Raya, exchanged phone numbers but he never replied any of my sms. Even on Friendster when I added him, I dropped him a message but no reply.

So I complained about Suren to which Paul must have conveyed to him. I got 2 sms out of the blue from Suren, apologising about not using his current number, just got it back yesterday it seems, we had a misunderstanding, all those crap. I replied his sms plainly "FUCK youlah". It felt good :)

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