Friday, June 23, 2006


Ooohhh yes!! I fly tomorrow at 1625 to Dubai. Will spend 3 days there before I reach KL. Boss, Reena and I went to Dean's office and got our results printed. Finally I can show my results of 4 years to Mum and Dad LOL

Its not that I never wanted to let them see my results in black and white. Its just that I was always too lazy to get them from Marina and always, the queue is bloody long etc But surprisingly today was empty. I wont be BLOG-ing for a while, I guess.

We met up with Dr.Viroshini Harikrishnan for the last time at McDonald's. Its gonna be some time till I will see her again. She seemed sad, graduated yesterday and already got issues to deal with. Being an adult is definitely challenging. Fuck, eh? :)

ALRIGHTY!! Here comes my summer holidays of 2006!

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