Monday, June 19, 2006

4thYear Done

Wooohooooo!! I am officially finished with 4th Year Medical Course at MMA IM Sechenova!

Surgery wasnt too difficult but I am sure its the bloody MCQ which drags me 6-feet under everytime >( The case was Acute Thyroiditis and mostly the MRI picture plus high leukocyte count gave the answer away LOL All in all, its done and I am just sooooooo glad!! *grins* Of course, 5th year aint gonna be nice and dandy, thats one thing for sure *grin droops*

After leaving the hospital, I went to Ismailovskii Park for some souvenirs. This hols, I really want to make an effort to take up Art classes again from Mr.Prakash. Hope hes still in Kasturi. SO I was on a lookout for something for him. I found a cute rocking horse with very intricate floral painting on it. Guess what. I came home, showed everyone, places it on top of the TV and decided to keep it for myself :P

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