Sunday, May 07, 2006

The View

I didnt pass out in the bus for the first 1 1/2 hours. Maybe its because of the springtime. It was already dawn when we exited the freeway. It was so beautiful. We passed by the meadows, green pastures, bright yellow flowers, some cows and cottages.

I looked at the scenery, crying. The guy seated behind me seemed sad too. I caught his expression from the window, perhaps he was just as sad as I for leaving Bristol? I didnt miss the flight or anything. The plane was pretty empty. There was a lady seated next to me but I shifted to sit on my own. I had my thoughts on Khalid the entire journey. Turbulence was nasty, I thought I was gonna die or a crash might happen. Or not.

As soon as I landed, Reena gave me a call. I was pleased to hear from them. They were gonna meet Viro at Cafe Latte and insisted that I should come. So I took a cab and headed straight there. I guess they could see that my fatigue wasnt some happy fatigue but dead fatigue. I told them simply things didnt really turn out the way I wanted. Viro was concerned. Just stated that "Babes, you look like you got ran over by a truck". I guess I did *shrugs*

I reached home and it was depressing. Empty and dark. Paul's room was vacant, kitchen was vacant, my room smelled musky and I wasnt glad to be back. I still pictured myself in Flat5.3 with Khalid. I am obsessed with him. I think I am gonna die. I unpack-packed my stuff. Thought of moving to Reena and Jason's but I was exhausted to do anything else. So I showered and went to sleep. Worst ever. Couldnt sleep was one, kept waking up between hours was two, head spinning was three.

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