Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Since sharing a house with Nick and Juls is called off, we went to Marketgate to check out the other uni accomodation. Supposedly today was the last day to confirm with them but luckily, the dude who attended to us assured that we have more time to hand in paperworks!

The dude also toured us around the place, showed us a vacant room and its common kitchen on the 11th floor. Very nice place actually, I was impressed with the cleanliness. The location itself is a plus point, walking distance from the centre, bus stops right in front of the building. The room is well-furnished but the highlight of staying there is, each room has its own bathroom.

On our way back to Favell, we stopped by McDonald's for a light snack. I havent had their Apple Pie for years (no kidding) it was yummy! We didnt do much in the evening. No one bothered cooking, so Khalid went out to buy Pizza and Chips. We yakked a bit in the kitchen, ate and everyone got back to work. Except for Khalid (again). He did a wee bit, procrastinated then we watched The Matador before going to bed. Stupid boy :P

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