Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tie Me Up

I really dont want to leave. A few times I found myself hugging Khalid so tight (could have broke his neck) telling him that. Maybe its the stress thats making Khalid speak English with his French accent. I feel it sounds perverted. Well. Suits him hehehee

We slept at 5am after watching The Grudge. Urgghhh. So the day was shortened since we woke up late. Didnt do much too anyways. Juls was so anxious to have 2 more chapters done that she went running to Mayflower before everyone to order dinner *silly girl!*

It was fun at Mayflower. Food was good, thank God. Plus this old man who works there has a queer eye for multi-racial couples (at least Khalid convinced me) because he was always looking at us! Khalid somemore purposely making me kissy kissy with him LOL The old man would observe us from close distance ie. behind our backs, next to the table I nearly died :P

We were served Green Bean for dessert this time. Ahhh I had 3-4 bowls! Delicious and of course Khalid refused againlahh. Saying its souplah, should be served before foodlahh and not after food, then whined that he wanted ice-cream. Hehehehee he makes me laugh all the time. We rested for a bit till night. Juls came to give me a pack of shortcake as good tidings (actually good riddance, i know porks!)

Around midnight, I accompanied Khalid to Kebab-U-Like for pizza and chips. Come to think of it, I think its the first time we stepped into that shop together. I mean, this whole kebab thingy reminds me of our first conversation in Flat5.3s kitchen. The cabbage on his face, he was sooo adorable. When we came back to Favell House, there was a couple having sex at the corner of the carpark!! I was shocked! :O Khalid and I almost ran upstairs to look from his room but I was smart hehehee Noticed that we could see them on CCTV at the entrance!

We watched. The guy has quite a round ass. Khalid called Nick and Sha to come down but Sha slept so I guess Nick took his own sweet time. By the time he got down, all he saw was the guy's ass :P We had a good laugh about it *wink*

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