Friday, May 19, 2006


I have cleared the class debts for TopoAnatomy. Tomorrow at 10am I shall go and try to pass the colloquuim for Upper Limb (together with Aksan) while Douglas and Quek have to retake the Lower Limb. If I manage to pass, I shall be free but not THAT free because exams start next week *cries*

23/05 ENT
24/05 TopoAnatomy Practicals
26/05 Russian
31/05 TopoAnatomy Theory
5/06 Therapy
9/06 Neurology
15/06 Obstetrics
19/06 Surgery

Argghhh. The weather is turning nice, warm, bright but too bad our cycle sucks big time. Otherwise we could chill, have coffee at Cafe Latte (where Boss, Reena and V are right now). They told me to come along but I had to make a pass at it. MCQs and cases waiting for me. Yeahh yeahh. After this entry I will have a shut-eye then lock on full gear! I kinda think my insomnia pretty much comes in handy :)

Pretty good and bad news apart from my current lousy academic issues, only not too sure which to place where hehehehe

1. Mummy is home with Daddy
2. I look haggard, HOBO-like and dark eyebags
3. Kok Sieng and I are talking again
4. Sunny and I are somewhat talking
5. Quek is trying to talk but I cockstare him
6. I am happy living with Boss and Reena
7. Countdown to my summer hols - 36days
8. Rough plans of meeting Khalid
9. Mervin is performing in ZOUK on 28th May
10. Instead of losing weight, I have a rounder waist

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