Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Me - Had a 2-hour nap, now on the Net procrastinating
Boss and Reena - Tucked in bed, watching One Tree Hill

There are several explanation to why we are not in the kitchen, burying out noses in the (bloody) grey textbooks. In my opinion, I feel somehow someway we are gonna pass prolly with the trauma we would face in the examination hall are insults, comments and looks that encrypts "You are very stupid". BUT we can take it, just give us our 3 at least!

We also know that there is no point to study anymore. We are gonna get fucked anyways. Reena said a brilliant line "Lets just accept fate" but Boss is even more brilliant. He said "Lets go fight fate". Ahhh tomorrow we shall see how things will be. Luck, we need LOADS of it. Knowledge if given enough time, we might manage to dig something out to answer *fingers crossed*

If ALL 3 of us pass, we are gonna get hammered at TGI Friday's. SO hammered!

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