Friday, May 05, 2006

Shisha Junkee

Well for some reasons, I prepare better shisha than Khalid does! When he lights the charcoal, it almost seems he needs rocket science knowledge. Since a couple of days ago, I left Khalid to study in his room and I would be up hanging out with Sha. Yakking hehehee

I was knocked out for a bit this time. I remember being damn high and the next thing I know when I regained consciousness.. I was seating on the toilet seat! Freaked me out okay. I ran back to Sha's room and even she thought "My best is off" hehehee Anyway my groupmates had TopoAnats colloq yesterday on the Upper Limb (oral+MCQs)

Khalid and I went to Tiki Cafe again. The Spanish folks were down too. Very friendly people. I ordered Hot Vanilla Choc dipped with Biscotti while Khalid had the same scoops of flavours we had the other day. He was being really silly, embarassing me in front of the cashier. Asked loudly why was I trying to steal the Biscotti :P The weather is beautiful. Sun with heat, the breeze and nice people around etc

Dinner was kebab for Juls, Nick and Khalid. Sha and I had microwaveable food! My favourite hehehee Especially this Lamb Gosh dish. Tender pieces of lamb *drool* I dont think I can read those damn TopoAnats paper anymore. 2 more days and I will be back in Moscow right. Die, dielahh!

ps While waiting for the cartoons to finish their chapters, I was online in Juls room. Her webcam is fun! When it hit midnight, I wished Hian Foo HAPPY BIRTHDAY then one by one, Sha, Juls and Khalid came to the webcam too :) He was so touched!

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