Thursday, May 25, 2006


Had Russian exam today. Got a 5 from Mdm.Tatiana Genrihovna B)

Honestly, I havent got anything to complain about her since I am somewhat her favourite student. She said that I speak the best among all but she was disappointed that I hardly opened my mouth this semester. For some odd reason, she was crudely unfair to the others ie. Victor, Sunny, Zhao Ing and Hwong. Sent them to the Head of Dept. where they all ended up with a 3 *shrugs*

See my nice nice maroon/red curtains, the black sheet over the thin mattress, matching pillow case and blanket cover from IKEA (only for 199pyb!) The bedlamp is donated by Paul LOL Stool was a house-gift from Reena, Jason and Justin when they came for my old apt's house-warming! Then my cuddly cuddly soft toys *smiles*

Thanks to Boss who assembled my wardrobe and Reena who only read the manual. I re-arranged the room, we shifted the furniture after some vacuuming. MY SPACE looks very comfortable. Now I need to get an extension, hooks for clothes and perhaps a short side table. Ohhh I want to get a portable radio too! Seelah what is there to grab from MEGA tomorrow!

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