Saturday, May 13, 2006

No More

I went to pay for the replacement classes in the bank, came home and have been studying for ENT. Then on MSN, Khalid and I had the talk. I cant understand how high his sensitivity threshold is because he only thinks I am angry when I am terribly hurt and sobbing away :(

It hadnt gone well and I guess I will only conclude that between us, it was only one way. Misunderstanding. Misintepretation. Misleaded. All from my side. What hurt me more was he didnt even take a stand for himself. Only told me how he doesnt want to be selfish and that means not going to ask me to go to England since he cant give me anything much (oohh god)

Lesson learned - NEVER date or even consider a Mummy's boy. Period.

Everything is clear now. I dont know what else to write about Khalid and I. It will be over in no time. Whereas I have tons of work to do. Since I got myself into shit like this, I should clean myself up as soon as I can. Wow. I had known Khalid for 3months and the time we spent in Bristol were 3weeks in total. The fairytale did feel like it was going to go on for a long time..

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