Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Bad

I spoke to Sha and Khalid last night. I have gotten some things wrongly placed..

Tell me. If a guy says that he wants to be with you, sleep beside you, wake up to the mornings with you, have food together, go for walks together, hang out with friends together, basically everything with the "we" in front BUT he wouldnt give it the name of Love, what is another name for it?

When Sha explained to me on behalf of Khalid, I understood! In fact I felt ashamed that I didnt grasp what he poured out to me earlier. Fine. We knew from the beginning that we dont know whats in store for us and the fact that we are so different right down from geography to backgrounds and the choices of meat we consume. But that doesnt change the feelings how we feel towards each other!

"Come onlah, LOVE is just a 4-letter word. This guy already telling you he wants, he really WANTS to be with you only logically it is quite difficult. Some people memang cannot fall in love anymore but isnt it more important that he wants to do everything with you?"

"His feelings for you is genuine and my best, your feelings IS returned because what you all had when you were here, was real" - said Sha.

Khalid has been very honest with me right from the first conversation we had. I just freaked out because he refuses to use the word I want to hear. But can you blame me? So it wasnt one way. It wasnt misunderstanding, misintepretation or mislead. I felt what Khalid feels and yet I doubted him. Ha! I am not such an understanding person afterall. I miss Khalid very much :(

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