Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Wooohooo!! Firstly, I had a 9-hour sleep from Monday night till Tuesday morning. My body managed to recharge a little bit but then yesterday I didnt sleep at all (again) Had to study up, prepare MCQs and cases for TopoAnatomy colloquuim which I passed with a 4 today!!

ENT was fun since I was the experimental subject! Fiq who has been very anticipated to check my nostrils and phraynx is finally a happy child. Since my first class he had been teasing me about being a "patient". After Dr. Ivanovich examined me, diagnosed that I have deviation of the left septum (which is common), hypertrophy of the inferior turbinate and because I had tonsillitis before, the glands are granulamatous. Everyone went "oohhh" and "ahhh" LOL

Nice. Nice!

Sighhh I should have kept my mouth shut and not confessed that I didnt prepare for the Antebrachii. I would have prolly cleared the 2/3 of ottrabotka after colloquuim was done. He let me have a go at it but I couldnt bullshit well enough :P SO tomorrow I shall go finish it. Ahhh Lower Limb is done!! I am sooooooooooo glad. Thanks to Hwong a whole damn lot though. I had to nudge him for help!

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