Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Laid Back

Today is the first time I hung out with Sha in her room LOL Gossips and updates about recent issues. Well compared to the last time I came in March, everyone was free so I was mostly shopping with my best and Juls. This time I am solely spending time with Khalid :)

I dont really know what to do since Khalid is so stressed! He prolly just realised how little time he has left to his first paper. I was in Sha's room when he called to say he wanna go out for coffee alone to read up. I couldnt agree more, by all means! I dont really know how to help anyone de-stress. In Khalid's case, I try to be a little more quiet and not bug him as much. Aron was never stressed as far as I can recall but then again, when Paul is stressed, he did prefer being alone and smoke up 2 packets of cigarettes *shrugs*

Dinner was a feast this evening! Juls, Sha, Nick and I prepared Cinnamon Curry Chicken, Garlic Chili Shrimps, vegetables, Ohh-Chien (omelette with mussels) and Black Sauce Pork! We had watermelon which wasnt that sweet for dessert too. I enjoyed Juls' Barley drink the most. It has been a while. I didnt touch my books at all the whole day. Close to 2am, we went to Sha's room to watch a horror flick called The Dark. Okaylahhh only. I was too sleepy to be horrified :P

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