Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Passed

Woooohoooooo!! I am over and done with Topographical Anatomy!

Majority showed up at the department at 830am. You can see all sorts of faceslah, dark eyebags, bedheads, panic fellas (like myself), 3/4 with notes in hand doing last minute memorising, some doing interview "Ready ahh? Studied ahh?" etc

MCQ was tough ass. I failed mine LOL I could have gotten a 4 but -1 from MCQ so ended up with a 3 but who cares?! I passed! I passed!! Poor Reena though, the same teacher who conducted me didnt pass her. It was sad. We were mentally prepared to fail but its a different emotion when it strikes. Oh well. Hope theres a re-examination date before hols!

I called home, damn happy and the folks were pleased to hear! Victor, Quek and I went to Arbat to watch X-Man:The Last Stand but before that, spent 2hours at TGI Friday's for late lunch and alcho!! Hahahahahahaaa can you believe three of us passed with a 3 is out for movie and good food while the 4 and 5s went home to sleep!

Quek and I are more or less settled. He told me the reason why he stopped talking to me, he couldnt face me and all. My prediction was 100% accurate. I had Electric Lemonade (though I still say Blue Caracao is not my style), Victor had Long Island Ice Tea and Quek ordered Texas Tea. Damn strong mix!

Movie was brilliant. I enjoyed it very much. My head is pretty much throbbing, still a bit high when I reached home hehehehee Viro came over a while ago and we are gonna chill indoors. I aimed to pass and now that I did, muuahahahaha.

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