Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hot Chocolate

Juls and I went to the post office at The Galleries this afternoon. Oof I could use some sun since today's weather is superb! Kinda humid though. People clad in t-shirts and shorts, slipper, shirtless men and women with big boobies in thin dresses walking on the street LOL

At first we sent Juls mail, then headed for coffee at Starbucks. I had a White Chocolate Mocha with a block of Cinnamon Swirl! (bread thingy with raisins) We checked out a few clothes shops but I wasnt exactly in my shopping mood. Hey hey :) I am saving them all for Dubai!! Still I liked this one pair of jeans in Blue Star. The length-size-pattern-price was a good deal, the only flaw was my hind look squashed into half!

I bought a long-sleeve shirt for Paul though. If I remember correctly, he did ask me to get for him. Ngam his stylelahhh "Horny Devil No.5" hehehee I received an email from him saying that hes moved 90% of his belongings out of the apt, hoping that I wouldnt mind. Of course not. I so predicted that is gonna happen anyways but hes being courteous to inform me so *thumbs up*.

Khalid took me out for an ice-cream but it was too late LOL Tiki Cafe (the stall with Lovington ice-cream) was closed so we agreed to walk to Castle Park junction for it. Saddest thing is, we had to see the ice-cream truck reverse and leave its spot! Then we took a turn back to Favell House and Khalid continued with his crash course, the walk didnt even take 5minutes :P

Dinner was yummy! Nick fried his own butt (some internal joke) for us whereas Sha entrusted me with the salmon! Ahhhh they turned out very nice. Khalid only added some pepper but he went around claiming "Its all because of my secret recipe". After dinner was even better. Nick, Juls, Khalid and I played Chor Tai Dee. The ultimate part is that I didnt have a single Ace or 2 but I won 4 games in a row! IN A ROW!! OOhh yeahhh "My hips dont lie" ROFL!

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