Monday, May 01, 2006

Hard Times

Khalid tried to study properly today. That poor boy is so stressed. I am not too sure if my presence distracts him but like he said, maybe maybe not but since I am here, lets make the best out of it. Honestly, if I knew that he couldn’t study in Dubai during the holidays I wouldn’t considered about coming at all :(

We took a stroll to High Street for hp credit, some food and drinks. Khalid bought a small Chocolate cake for his pre-birthday celebration from Tesco Express. I didn’t expect that from him at all LOL In fact I thought I heard wrongly when he said it! We also headed to the bookstore to buy some crash course Law books to help him out. With the little time he has left and the load he has to read up ... ouch!

Even I am pretty stressed out. Hwong and Zhao Ing keep me updated about TopoAnatomy and ENT news. I think I am in a lot of trouble *cries* Prof. Nikolai is pretty strict it seems and ENT is complicated. But fuck that shit, I am sure I will be able to handlelahhh. Oh well :O I try to cover as much as I can so when I show up, at least I wouldnt be clueless right!

Porks boiled her nice nice Chicken herbal soup :) Even Khalid liked it! Sha insisted that her soup tastes different everytime but thank God this time is as tasty as I can remember hehehee We watched Scary Movie 4 and its a really dumb movie!

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