Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Wooohoooo!! I got the wardrobe I wanted! The mattress was a hard decision. I didnt want the springy ones so I got the thin type. Yun Kin met us up and he gave me a brilliant idea for my curtains! The proper curtains cost a bit much per metre, the uglier looking ones are cheap but who wants them right? LOL

As Yun Kin suggested, I should substitute the curtains with these thin carpet-like drapes. They are actually furniture/bed covers. I bought 2 pieces of maroon while Victor got light blue for his room. Nice and inexpensive! Boss shall help me assemble the cupboard and I shall fix my curtains! I soooooo cant wait to deco and create "my space" :)

Boss, Reena and I left for TGI Friday's at Panorama. I had French Fries with Cheese but the real deal was 2 glasses of 400ml JD Coke for the price of 1 *burst out laughing* I was pretty high and happy by the time Viro arrived. Reena was swirling too after her Electric Lemonade but pity her hip, it hurts again.

We caught up on current issues and guess what, Viro is graduating in 4 weeks time!!

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