Sunday, May 14, 2006

Floor Duty

Sunday is cleaning day. I volunteered for the floors (wrong move!) because it involves vacumming the kitchen, toilet, corridor and my own room LOL Then gotta mop the linoleum too. After that was all TopoAnatomy studying. Off and onlahh, got ottrabotka tomorrow :(

I called Mummy to wish her Happy Mother's Day. Shes visiting Popo and you wont believe me but last night I dreamt of her visiting Popo! What are the odds of that huhh!

Another full week ahead. Mon-Fri from 930am-430pm of class. I am fucking stressed out here. I really dont remember being like this for as long as I can recall. My groupmates are feeling like me it seems. Problem is, I have a memory so poor that its not funny. My vision and brain is totally not connected! Read here, forget there! I tried taking Reena's Neurovitamins. Yeahh for the brain. Not sure if its working. I think stupidity has no cure *cries*

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