Wednesday, May 24, 2006


This afternoon was sunny and skies were blue. Reena and Jason both got 5 for Dermatology exam. It was a breeze for them and thank my lucky stars, the breeze did a detour to me!! I got 5 for TopoAnatomy Practicals! :D

Our Prof.Nikolai took Group 8, the nice nice lady took Group 2 and we got Mdm.Pancreatova. Urghhh how dreadful. We went into the rooms in pairs and my partner was Hwong. I asked him yesterday beforehand if I could go with him since my surgery skills suck (plus I missed a few practice)

Imagine we were all so nervous, kept reciting names of the surgical instruments over and over again! My question card was okay. I had to sew muscles, stop subcutaneous bleeding and cut open the skin. I spent this morning watching MTV Klub series :P Good thing I knew how the procedures and caught on more when everyone discussed furthermore!

But this old lady, being a nuisance as she usually is, still made vicious comments. My screw up was names of the instrument. For eg. Deschamp's needle, I pronounced it as De-shom but in Russian its translated as De-sho-NA so she had some excuses to make noise. I also accidentally cut the ligature too long hehehehe Poor Hwong on the other hand, was insulted by her. She asked him if he thinks he deserves a 5. Ohhh well. At least its over and done with! :)

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