Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Hahahahahahahahhaa! Hahahahahahaaa! (double the loud)

I have cleared my TopoAnatomy ottrabotka, passed the Upper Limb colloquuim and got a 5 for ENT exam yesterday! Ahhh finally can loosen up a little and I was right. My insomniac episode was truly due to stress, plain stress!

Last night, I reached home about 7pm. We stayed back to practice suturing, repeated the names of tools for certain surgeries and the works. Reena re-heated the leftover curry from previous evening so I was in time for dinner. After I had my shower, I thought I should take a 2-hour nap then study for today's TopoAnatomy Practical exam.

Guess what LOL I woke up at about 5am! That was a heavy dose from the Sandman :) My groupmates plan to go to IKEA for lunch after our exam and I shall buy my cupboard and mattress. Hope they have the design I want!

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