Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cant Envy

Shitlah this time. Boss, Reena and I are trying to study and making cheats our ass off on the kitchen table. We have quarter of the exam questions prepared but the rest is just gonna be the noose around our necks. Nooooo! I aint exaggerating :(

We groaned about how we dont possess the skills to memorise labels, be it in Russian or Latin or whichever that can help us keep those names! Desperation calls for desperate measure and all kinds of ideas running through our heads and out of our mouths LOL

Next Wednesday is like 4 more days to go. It is known to be the toughest subject for 4th Year and this department enjoy failing students. Unlike Anatomy, which you need to know more or less the main stuff. Topographical Anatomy means you need to know specifically them in and out (corner/under/over/god-knows-where-else-hidden-somemore) Dielah this time *screams*

Oohh Khalid called me yesterday evening! Hehehehee Sha and I were bitching about him earlier, that hes useless since I havent heard from him at all. Sha was shocked, I was pretty upset and later, the phone rang! He was really sweet and apologetic at the same time. I was surprised to hear from him and also guilty because he sounded extra nice :P

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