Friday, May 12, 2006


I think its true that I have insomnia. My sleep time is still fucked up but the main problem is, I dont even feel sleepy! Like last night I went to bed at 130am. Woke up at 325am (bladder was full) then slept and woke up at 5am. Crap right! Had to force myself for more shut-eye till 730am :(

Prof.Nikolai spoke to me today about my replacement classes. Have to pay! At his age, he should be doing more charity ie. teach his students who are left behind for free Anyways I have already gotten the pay slip from Dean's office. Bloody USD15 per hour and I need to pay for 4 classes. Starting on Monday. So is ENT. I have to plan on how to manage both subjects on the same day *sighhh*

Weekend is only gonna be studying, studying and more studying!! Arghhh!!

So at least I can relax a wee bit since Prof.Nikolai (I still think hes nice) has spoken. I know I know things are not gonna be any easy any time soon but I guess everything will be over in no time! I tell friends that I will be home next month and they go like "Next month??" hehehee Paul dropped by yesterday for dinner. Surprisingly I dont find him so irritating anymore :P

ps I never really credited myself for the additional stuff on the sidebar. I think its really nice that I have a calendar, a tagboard, 2 clocks and my hamster is still alive! HTML is great especially when I steal them off other people's BLOG!

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