Friday, May 26, 2006

Ashan Bags

TopoAnatomy extra class with Mdm.Pancreatova was a waste of time! We went there, sat down for 1 1/2hours and then she dismissed us. Told us to return on Monday, that also dunno whether can get zacheot from her or not *frowns*

I ciao-ed to meet up with Boss and Reena. First time buying groceries as housemates! I trailed behind/beside/around Reena while Boss pushed the trolley LOL We got 2 weeks' worth of meat and vegetables. Hmmmm gonna have some lock down action due to exam preparation. I got my extension but the radio was quite a joke :P

I would really like to buy a portable radio for outdoors, especially with a group of friends. Nowadays everyone has their own mp3 player, listen to it alone, tune to anti-social mode and I dont know.. its no fun. I had this idea all along but most recent was during our trip to Egypt. Juls was shut off to her iPod, Sha's earphones for her discman were faulty so she had to take turns with Juls (at one point needed to borrow from the Juniors). BUT imagine if theres a portable radio!

There were huge rice cooker lookalike radios with disc or/and cassette players. There were Soviet looking ones, old school ones to which embarassed Boss and Reena when I exclaimed how nice they look hehehee

Then we saw one from Grundig called Yatch Boy. Its perfect for me. I like it (most importantly), runs on AA batteries, small and square (the shape is so my type) and looks presentable (silver/metal). It costs more than it should though. Boss suggested we should look in other places while Reena wasnt really encouraging. I guess I could put Yatch Boy to hold for a bit?

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