Monday, May 15, 2006

1/3 Done

Oohhh I can breathe a little for TopoAnatomy! After class, Prof. Nikolai gave me an extra hour on the Brachii and Fossa Cubiti. Yes! I have two more topics to go, then colloquuim on it, hopefully without failing! Fucked uplahh. Thursday got colloquuim on Lower Limb.

I got home not too long ago. Walked into Jason and Reena's, knocked out for 5mins. Woke up for a shower (i stank of dead bodies and i lied on their bed!!) What is more shocking is that I have been awake since Sunday's 1pm until now so that totals up 30hours without sleep. Ha! I am seriously ruining my health. No point going to sleep now, I might wake up at unearthly hours later. I will once after dinner!

Actually I could have gotten some sleep if Khalid hadnt called. Stupid boy :) We chat for nearly an hour till 5am. The streetlights went off, birds chirping and the sky brightened. So things are sparkly and sweet again. He makes me happy. I am the culprit of my own sadness. Arrghh. We shall see how things are *grins*

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