Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Worried Vibes

We learned how to use the forceps to extract the baby's head in Obstetrics today. On a doll of course! The metal equipment are freaky, especially the clanking sound. Everyone wanted to skip Russian class but ended up going anyway *sighhh*

Until this week we are still reading about Sasha's story LOL That 6-7 page long text will end soon enough. A 2nd year dude from Morocco joined us today. Tall, fair.. quite the handsome. Quek striked a short conversation with him and guess what, his name is Khalid (too).

I need to drag Paul to Ashan for groceries. He isnt smart enough to buy anything decent for our meals. Reena informed me the exam dates over the phone just now. I panicked! Topoanatomy is on 31 May followed by Therapy on the 6 June and Neurology on 9 June! 3 days apart??

Fucked up man, this is fucked up. I leave for Bristol on 27 April till 7 May. Missing 4 classes of ENT and Topoanatomy. Replacement is gonna be troublesome, MCQs aplenty, chances are I will miss the whole upper extremities topic and upon return, there will be a test! *breath in, breath out* I think I will die. Although Reena (doubtfully) assured me it should be okay :(

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