Monday, April 03, 2006

Stressed Out

Today is one of the few days when I felt like fuck *cries* I tried to sleep early last night but rolled on the bed till prolly 3am. Then had to wake up around 730am for Dermatology which was a waste of time because it was a 3-hour Russian lecture, no class.

My whole group decided to be delinquents at KOSMIK Bowl. It only opens at noon so we had like an hour to procrastinate. Went to M.Park Kultury for some lunch, I had this wonderful thick slice of peach pie. Mmmmm delicious and cheap! We headed back to the bowling centre (latest hangout for people like us who bunk lectures or as after class activity)

After 2hours of watching them play, I was pretty tired myself. Not bored, just wanted to sleep. Neurology just crapped my daylah. The new teacher assigned to us is pretty bitchy, asking why we never attended lecture, how come our Russian is so poor (refuse to believe we dont really have Russian friends tho we do, guess what, they all speak fucking fluent English) and demanding to see our lecture notes from today on *arrrghhhh*

Much later, I went over to Reena's to borrow their Adam and Victor's Principles of Neurology. Damn lazy to go to the library all the way for this 5-6kg textbook. Sat down and hung around, tried to cool down. I overate today somemore, Min offered me chocolate! Of course, its impolite to say No what :P Need to wash my hair desperately.. oohh well today is just aint my daylahh. Fuck it. I am so going to sleep early tonight!

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