Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spring Festival

It always rains around this time like major watering for flowers to bloom. We attended the Piragovskaya Spring Festival yesterday. Its an official event organised by the Foreign Faculty of MMA annually for the foreign students. Hwong said last year there were more people but this year seatings were limited. First time for me!

Douglas performed 2 dances whereas Mun Yee only took part in the cheerleading one. There were many performances by the Indian students. Archana and Puspa were superb in their Bharatnatyam! Talk about synchronisation! I must say throughout the 3-hour show, I enjoyed theirs the most :) There were singing, instrumental performances, poetry reading and a sketch by the Armenian students. I was very entertained by all *applause*

Can you believe we have replacement class for Obstetrics later at 430pm!! Arrgghh. I am supposed to do coffee with The Beekins and Viro. Have to postpone till tomorrow. My groupmates suggested that we should makan at East Buffet after class ends. Im kinda sitting on the fence about itlerr.. buffet, damn it! Gonna pig out LOL

ps. i miss Khalid very much. havent heard from him and it kinda sucks. hope he remembers me because the thought is depressing

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