Friday, April 07, 2006

So Familiar

Wonderful that the weekend's here again but I know it will be over before I can BLOG about it. Reena's lumbago isnt gone yet, still hurts at the left flank. Poor girl. I will drop by this weekend to cook them authentic "pelmeni" (actually to watch their Prison Break Pt.16)

Victor burned about 25 Chow Sing Chi's movies for me and I have prolly watched more or less 10 of them. The more I watch, the more he reminds me of Kok Sieng. The antics, the character and jokes but its no wonder because Kok Sieng did say that he grew up mimicking that comedian. In fact they do look alike too!

Sometimes I do wonder how he's doing. I looked on his Friendster's profile and FINALLY he has graduated :) It always felt like as if it took him forever to finish college. One failed paper after another. I was chatting with Damon about him just now (Damon is my ex-bf and Kok Sieng's good friend). I have knowned these 2 fellas since 1996/97 LOL

Added two clocks on the sidebar to show the time difference between here and Malaysia. I feel damn smart! Stole the HTML codes from Kat at then slipped them onto the template- manually. Nearly blinded me, the text are soooo tiny!

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