Sunday, April 30, 2006

Slight Drizzle

Sha and I gave a call to Tri to wish her Happy Birthday! That stupid girl must have been fucking wasted last night. We had the mobile on speakers and half the conversation she sounded off :P Khalid wished her too but she sounded to blur!

Juls came in around 12am last night but Khalid and I already dozed off. Our 2nd attempt to watch that horror flick failed again hehehee Juls quietly watched Ultraviolet (to de-stress) by herself and left. To meet up at 2am is a bit hard for us because our clock has been adjusted to early sleep, early wake! Whereas theyre the opposite *shrugs*

Opposite Favell House is a river and along it are restaurants on boats, hotel, one ice-cream stall called Tiki Cafe and whatnots. Khalid and I shared a cone with a scoop of Honeycomb and Lovington's Vanilla. They taste superbly yummy but under their flavour popularity chart, they are at the lowest! Hehehehee we sat along the banks, watching the swans and sea gulls. This is the part where Khalid totally convinced me that they are not sea gulls but RIVER gulls. Stupid boy :)

There are 2 things Khalid dislike : Rain and Messing with his hair *just checking*

For dinner we went to Mayflower and THIS time, it was worth going. Only Juls, Vicky, Khalid and I went (Sha and Nick needed to study). Since it was a weekend, we had free Lotus roots boiled peanut soup. There was a Vegetarian pot, Mushroom steamed chicken, Chili King Prawns and a half Roast Duck. Every dish was much yummier than the previous time. We were served Red bean soup for dessert. Hehehehe Khalid was such a kid, whined that he wanted ice-cream and not hot beans LOL

We tapau-ed the remaining food back to Favell. We finally managed to rendezvous (because we gathered at 11pm instead!!) to watch the long-awaited movie called An American Haunting. Fairly disturbing plot. Shisha wasn’t exactly good either, the tabak was wet but I think its the pipes which are fucked up! Late night supper was nice hehehehee

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