Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rush Hour

My time to leave for long-distance travelling seems to be extremely poor! I got home as fast as I could after TopoAnatomy class. Paul was home, preparing fried rice for the bus ride to Kursk later. I gobbled down the vege leftovers, took my shower, threw in toiletries, double-checked the documents etc

Hehehhee I nearly died late last night when I realised I havent printed the National Express ticket LOL Thank god I did a checklist! I quickly called Hwong to come online, sent him the url and he got it printed for me!

Finally left the apt, walked to the junction, waited 5mins only to find my handphone missing! Rushed back to get it then raced to the Metro! My flight was at 9.15pm and guess what time I reached Domodedovo Airport? Well at 8pm. I checked-in but the fat boy at the counter was making a fuss about my handcarry. It went like this

Chinny : Can I have my seat in the front?

Fatboy : No. There is only 1 seat left

Chinny disappointed, worried having to fight the crowd at Heathrow Airport.

Fatboy : I am afraid you have to check-in your luggage

Chinny : Oohh no. I have to catch my bus as soon as I land, I have no time

Fatboy : No. The flight is full. We will not allow any excess weight

Chinny : Okay. I will take out some things and make 6kgs!

Fatboy : You can only carry 1 bag. Even if you take out, you will still have 9kgs .Where you put your things? We are very strict

Chinny : No problem! I will remove and my friend will take them home. Okay?

Fatboy : Hummmphhh *put a tag on it reluctantly*
(very strict my ass LOL)

Clock showed 8.15pm at the Pasport Controls. Unfortunately that bitch of an officer was suspicious about my passport so some higher officer took it. I was nervous as hell because the PA was announcing "Flight875 to London, proceed to Gate 4"! The higher officer returned and I got through. Not enough, had to scan bags and myself what. By the time I got to Gate 4, the PA was announcing "Flight875 to London, Gate 4 closing" at 8.40pm!

At least could cool down onboard :P

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