Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kind Cobbler

Its Quek's birthday today. Since I got back from UK, we still havent spoken. Nearly 2 months now. Last week, out of the blue he sms-ed to apologise with lines "I dont know what to talk to you" and "After these few months, I cannot swallow and pretend nothing happened". I dont know what is wrong with him, he just stopped talking to me!

Whateverlahh. I aint talking to Sunny too. There goes the group dynamics (as expected cum predicted by my Best). I slipped him a birthday card during Neurology class. I guess he was surprised. When class was over, Victor, Sunny and Quek crossed to the other side of the road. Somewhere inside, I did wish I had gone with them. But like I replied to Quek's apology- "Things have changed and we all know it".

I stopped by the cobbler kiosk. My NIKE sneakers which arent new but looks new had a problem. I threw them in the washing machine last time and the rubber soles came off. The cobbler couldnt guarantee the fix so he said no charge to me. I waited nearly 1/2hour until he confessed that it cant really be glued together. Sat down and explained that I should try using superglue LOL

His co-worker told me they are from Armenia. I put on my 4-year old (also my first pair) NIKE, handed him 50pyb but he refused! Just pushed back my extended arm. He said firmly "No need". Well. I thanked him and went to Reena and Jason's to borrow their series called Supernatural. Feelin' good :)

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