Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Justin Syndrome

Paul confirmed that he is moving back to the hostel 2 weeks after Zee's visit. What happens to me? Hehehee I move in with Jason and Reena, of course. We were sitting on the fence whether to stay at theirs or mine but for the sake of convenience, theirs top the pros!

Its totally cool that we arent gonna live under the same roof anymore anyway. Familiarity with him breeded a lot of contempt. He was enthusiasted to stay with me because of some truth and hidden agendas. He wanted a taste of staying outside since he was miserable with hostel rules and its people. Now that hes experienced it (although with me was a major lost battle) I guess he is satisfied *smirk*

I mean the symptoms are alike with Justin's. We can be silent on each other for days, he utters one or two syllable words, no greetings, sometimes I even feel the awkwardness. Its understandable. My total belongings wont need half a day to shift but I think I will do it only when I return from UK. Its just clothes and more clothes, lucky no big stuff or furniture!

Paul is so not my type. He was crushed on the day I told him that he is not "boyfriend material". Ehh look at his stat lately with gf back home, I was damn right to make that statement. Any male would react to the rejection resulting to my current situation. He can say no money to pay rental, thislahh thatlahh but I know more than the truth from him. Says that he hates hypocrites it seems. But I am quite sure he loves himself LOL

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