Saturday, April 29, 2006

House Hunt

Word is, these cartoons cant stay in Favell next year. Sha is gonna be back in Malaysia so Nick, Juls and Khalid are planning to rent a house together. I acc-ed Khalid to check out the house at No.961 Filton Avenue in the afternoon. We had lunch at a corner shop called The Greedy’s where I finally had Fish (fingers) and Chips!

We started from the junction of King George’s with houses No.700++. Unfortunately, we had to give up walking any farther when we passed by houses No.850++. Wherever the house No.961 is situated, it is bloody far unless there is another short cut/route! Even I couldn’t walk, let alone Khalid :P He will opt for another uni accomodation called Marketgate which is in the centre. I think the students here have more trouble looking for a place to stay than us in Russia.

The Greedy's portion were huge actually. By dinner I was still bloated! We stayed in with the team for dinner though. Felt more or less like HOBOs because we ate the leftovers here and there and microwaveable food hehehee So tonight we plan to rendezvous at 2am again. Well Sha set her planner to finish that many chapters of the day so she couldnt pull it any earlier.

Last night's rendezvous sucked. Khalid fell asleep so only I went up. The file Ezlin sent couldnt be played so Nick had to download a compatible player. The shisha leaked, smoke was escaping. When Sha moved it to the side, the unsteady top shook, the charcoal fell on Sha's foot and then the carpet! Lucky my instinct took action! Instead of picking the charcoal with my hand, I grabbed the thongs. Phew! Still badlah, the carpet is burnt and Sha prolly needa pay for the damage :(

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