Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hokkien Lang

Paul brought Chun Keat home yesterday evening. Hes pretty much the last person I would expect to drop by but I forgot that theyre basketball buddies. They also brought couple bottles of beer with them. Place of evil deeds : The Kitchen

I can count the number of times Chun Keat and I enganged in a conversation and definitely no more than 2 (maybe less). Usually only nods and casual Hi's. Surprisingly hes an easy-going guy. He made himself comfortable right away, didnt stop yakking. Hes got a rep of being a hip-hop blackanese LOL He sure does fit the criteria!

I joined them on and off, gulping vodka+Redbull in highball glass. I didnt really like the subject Paul and Chun Keat talked about (testosterone stuff) so I left to chat on MSN with Khalid plus Pork Chops came on too hehehee Its just soooo nice chatting with Khalid lately. So cant wait to get back to Bristol again! Sha has already got me the National Express tickets :)

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