Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hectic Subs

We were supposed to have ENT lecture but we were told to save it because its in Russian meaning we wont understand shit. We got acquainted to our teacher, ours is the man (Reena's annoying teacher) I informed him that I would be flying home for a week and he was okay with it, seems really nice too actually *shrugs*

Topographic Anatomy this semester, Mdm. Pancreatova took back Group 2 and we got the Head of Department Prof. Nikolai instead. I thought we are fucked but you know what, he is superb in explanation and patient with our performance. Really! I didnt study anything about Fossa axillaris yesterday but he imparted his knowledge with us brilliantly, guided me to answer Regio deltoidea and mind you, I had NO clue at all but still manage to blindly name the structures!

I was kinda upset that I would be missing a week, I mean he really teaches alot. When class was over, I cocked the same story to him about flying home for a week and he was concerned. Put me pretty much in guilt but my lying skills are well-seasoned so no probs LOL I had to rush home to be at the airport in time to catch my flight!!

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