Thursday, April 06, 2006

Free Day

Talking about unproductive, having to put up with the Neurology teacher. Class was experimental yesterday, Dermatology was a waste of time (again). Everyone showed up at 1030am. Dunno which idiot declared that info, we were all marked as absent *sighhh*

We attended lecture in full Russian. The lecturer looked nerdy. We also examined an old patient in the ward. It was hard to refrain ourselves from laughing hehehee He had a stroke earlier, now suffering from dementia. He could tell war time stories, the past but not what he had for breakfast or do simple Math (took him forever to answer 65-34).

Hwong nearly lost it when the poor man tried to draw hands of the clock on a piece of paper to show 1.30pm like where the long and short arm should be. It was quite funnylahh to be honest. He held the pen and shakily drew a too long line somewhere past 12 and the short line somewhere before 6!

Today we dont have Obstetrics since Dr.Kalanishkova is busy but on Monday, its gonna be helluva long day with replacement class at 6pm :( I am back to watching Stephen Chow's slapsticks again. Of course, I should be preparing for tomorrow's Neurology class soon enough!

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