Sunday, April 23, 2006

Enough Rest

"Time really flies" is a mellow way to describe how fast the clock is ticking. I shall improvise it to "Time speeds" or "Time is on F1 race". The description has an extra oomph(!) to it hehehee Anyways I think no one we know got hurt, let alone killed. Thanks to the granted holidays :)

I went to Jason and Reena's for dinner last night and it was such a hearty meal! Reena cooked curry chicken using Russian curry powder. Damn nice. We had nearly one pot of leftovers till the 3 of us gathered in the kitchen this afternoon and made Curry Puffs! We were well-organised meaning Reena rolled the dough, I filled the curry while Jason deep-fried them!

Reena went a bit cuckoo with her rolling pin and tried to action us with her Puri (plain fried the remaing dough since there wasnt anymore curry to fill). Turned out oily and tasteless, out of shape and then blamed it on her mother somemore LOL

Sucks. Need to finish Neurology case history for tomorrow. Might need to do another one for Dermatology too. Wow. This cycle is ending so soon. When Thursday comes, I shall board my flight to England! Hehehehee this is awesome, I am going to see Khalid and the team!

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