Friday, April 21, 2006

Emperor Drumsticks

(pic above) : Me handling the soup. It spilled despite my carefulness. Viro's enchanted presence distracted me, you see.

Viro started her own BLOG at and guess what is "mandavoshka"? It means pubic lice (Latin: Phthirus pubis) and I should remember to ask her why on Earth did she pick that name LOL

Viro, Boss and Pisa rang the doorbell around 730pm. I was trying to finish the Hotel series until I pretty much forgot about time. Luckily the main dish had been steamed hours ago. Brilliant ol' me. I just needed to heat up the drumsticks in the microwave hehehee I also boiled long beans especially for Viro due to her strict diet (choosy then just admit choosylahh, damn it!) and of course, Royal Mix to match The Emperor Chicken!

(2 hours to steam, less than 1/2 hour to finish): Perfect presentation for a feast fit for 4 Kings!

It was Viro's first time to my crib. Paul told me to inform the agent that we will be out by 24 May and like I have said, I will move out when I return from Bristol. We hung out in the kitchen after the scrumptious dinner, had leftover Cappuccino ice-cream since New Year's *still yums!*

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