Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Day

Poor Paul! His sleep rudely disturbed by phone calls for me LOL

This morning around 935am Khalid called the house. Damn nice to hear his silly voice after so long :) Better yet, I will see him in 10 days time! Around 1120am, Viro called for coffee. Paul yelled for me from his room this time hehehee I dragged myself out again. Ehh I only went to bed at 4am after watching Spawn last night!

So okay. Went back to sleep. Then Pisa called at 1230pm also about coffee session! Paul wasnt too irritated, per se but at least he nicely came knocking on my room door. So The Bees, Viro and I met up once again at Cafe Latte. Dipta joined us later because Viro and her were going to practice Futsal and pool for the upcoming games at Kursk. Yeahh. The day I fly to England!

I prepared dinner for Easter this evening. Yalahh. As if I celebrate it LOL Its been too long since Pisa and Jason came over plus theyve ran out of groceries. My eyes were hurting from the contact lens, smoke and lack of sleep so I had them taken off. Guess what. I cooked with (very) poor vision!

Hahahaa I stooped pretty low to mince the ginger, mashed the egg yolks from the hard-boiled eggs etc But luckily, all in all, the meal was delicious! I must say Honey Chicken is one of the best dishes around. We stayed yakking in the kitchen till 11pm then they ciao-ed. I have Neurology to prepare somemore for tomorrow *cries*

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