Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cycle Cleared

I really try to cope with Neurology and its not funny. I managed to cover Epilepsy, Lateral Amyotrophic Sclerosis, Syncope and Myopathy until 3am. Jason and Reena turned in pretty early last night. Dermatology exam was quite easy actually!

Hwong, Victor and Ajet who went in first, came out grinning saying "Dont worry, he doesnt ask much!!" and "Haiyaaa just tell him this, this, that etc" so bravely, I marched in. This is MY part of the exam with Prof. Kochergin

Prof : Hmmmm? *clicked on this one question about Dermaphytosis*

Chin : Ahh using Wood's lamp, potassium hydroxide and scrapings

Prof : So what can you see with potassium hydroxide? Hmmmm?

Ohh shit. In extreme panic state, I quickly recalled that I did read about Dermaphytosis on the textbook and about running tests using potassium hydroxide. Vivid picture I saw, vivid words I read and then I, and then I ... got up to make a cup of Milo!!

Chin : Ahhh of course. We see the causative agent (trying to cock some story)

Prof : Hmmm but WHAT do you see? Some structure, like cells or something?

Chin : We see, we see ... *scanning my lousy photographic memory hard for the damn word* ... pus!

Prof : Oooohh no no noooo. We see me-eh-mehh (I couldnt even understand what it was LOL)

Chin : Ahhh yes, of course *grinning, smiling as if answering "pus" was intentional*

Prof : Hmmm why you dont know?

Chin : I know, I know Sir! Please ask me more questions!

Prof : Of course I will
*grinning back*

After about 4 more questions to which I answered all flawlessly with a smug, I got a 5! Most folks got 5 too but how the questions were asked, varied. Zhao Ing got a lecture from him instead about not studying the right method hehehee

Neurology was challenging. I made sure that woman acknowledged my participation in answering her questions and lucky what I prepared came in handy. Poor Quek, couldnt get zacheot though. Another cycle is finished, so tomorrow is the dawn of a new (even more fucked up) cycle - ENT and Topographic Anatomy!

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