Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Baking Tray

I really must say Reena's recipes for chicken are magnificent! She "baked" chicken with brocolli, long beans and garlic for dinner. The baking tray is damn sexy (cost only 150pyb plus free mitten LOL)

Lucky my group got zacheot for Obstetrics today :) Unfortunately we will be having exam on the 15 June. Fucking unfortunate. Tomorrow we have Dermatology exam and zacheot for Neurology. I am quite worried about Neurology because that woman gave us 6 topics to prepare, mentioned that I hardly answered in class so she would be asking me (Aksan, Quek and Douglas too) individually. Gonelahh. But I am determined to take part, blabble whatever that she asks and make eye contact with her till she becomes blind hehehehee

Quek spoke to me on the train after Obstetrics. I think it consumed a lof of energy to ask "When are you moving out?". I nearly died LOL I gotta give it to him that he took the initiative to try to converse with me. THAT was a big deal. I blatantly answered "Next month", keeping my cool :P

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