Friday, April 28, 2006


I reached Malborough Coach Station at 12.45am and just like previously, I had to wait for THEIR arrival (I expected that because my best isnt very punctual LOL) This time only Khalid, Juls and Sha picked me up. Ezlin didnt come though surprisingly :P

I accompanied Khalid to UWE today. He had to return his books to the library and inquired about his accomodation for next year. No more Favell House! Word is, he might be sharing a house with Juls and Nick in Filton. That is like far from the centre. We had VERY yummy brownies in the uni cafeteria! Oohhh England, Thy country hath tastiesth confectionary!

We dropped by Tesco for some stock before dinner at The Viceory in the evening :) Apart from being a sweet-tooth haven, England is famous with Indian food. The last time I was here, I had Kashmiri Chicken from this restaurant. Couldnt help drooling whenever I talk about it. This time, I ordered Viceroy's Special Korma Lamb and it was even tastier!!

The cartoons had to study so we are gonna rendezvous at 2am later at Sha's room to watch the movie Ezlin dl-ed called An American Haunting (some real horror flick).

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