Friday, April 21, 2006

5-Day Break

If only I knew about it earlier, I would have dragged Paul to Finland by train *cries!* We are given holidays officially because of Hitler's birthday. Not for us to celebrate but to avoid being beaten up like eggs by the idiots who celebrate this inauspiscious occassion. Brainless beings!

Anyway. I didnt do anything on Wednesday but stayed home. Trying to finish the TBV series called "Hotel". Very interesting! Yesterday was Thursday, I dropped by Jason and Reena's. Viro was ditched by her housemates so she came to seek refuge hehehee We had a great time catching up, chilled in let go clothes because we usually do coffee what. Oohh Reena really cooks this pork with soya sauce like Mummy's style. Damn deliciouslerr!

We watched Domestic Disturbance starring John Travolta and Vince Vaughn before bed. Like damn hebat movie right? Not really. Somewhat B-grade thriller. Today these cartoons are coming over. Viro requested for Emperor Chicken LOL I guess she didnt expect me to say OK right away. In fact its steaming away in the kitchen as I am BLOG-ing this :)

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