Monday, April 10, 2006

10-Hour Class

We had Dermatology at 9am-12pm -->Neurology 1-5pm -->Obstetrics 6-9pm. I reached home at 11pm after McDonald's with the group. Lucky only 1 day of such madness. We didnt have Obstetrics last Thursday so today was replacement. We saw vaginal birth of a baby boy hehehe

Yesterday I went over to Reena and Jason's. Their living room is spacious! Definitely bigger than ours. Reena cooked Chicken Chop, mashed potatoes+carrots and Brokkoli while I prepared some pelmeni (delicious with fried garlic- even they say so!) We watched 2 episodes of this series called Supernatural. Its somewhat X-Files but scarier, freakier and more "X".

Khalid is in Dubai right now. He returns on the day I fly to England. I cant wait! Just counting down the days and damn, time speeds! Oohhh I called Daddy today after Neurology. Got to know a little bit more about Ah Mah's condition. Both her kidneys are screwed like about 80%. She needs to go 3x/week to a private dialysis centre. I hope she would be strong for this, kinda hard since she is restricted from daily visits to the gambling den!

I am freaking tired. Quite surprising that no one complained much. Needa go to sleep in a while.. lucky tomorrow class is at 10am :)

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